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News & Submissions 3/19/2010

Friday, March 19th, 2010

TV presenter gets death sentence for ‘sorcery’
(CNN) — Amnesty International is calling on Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah to stop the execution of a Lebanese man sentenced to death for “sorcery.” Read full story from

Asheville Mother Grove Goddess Temple to celebrate spring equinox
ASHEVILLE — After making it through the harsh winter, people in Western North Carolina are looking forward to the warm sun of spring. Some are preparing to celebrate the season’s change with an ecumenical ritual. Read full story from

Towards gaining unique insights
It includes middle-roaders who say science and religion are two sides of the same coin since they both spring from human minds, while tacitly maintaining an eternal edge always separates the sides. And it includes those scientists who see some sort of deep mysterious beauty in the cosmos but remain atheists and religious mystics who shun dogma but retain a personal faith. REad full story from

Checklist: Spring is here, so pet your hares
All you pagan moonchildren will likely be petting your sacred hares this weekend when the vernal equinox rolls in from Spokane on Saturday. Read full story from

Celebrating Spring: The Vernal Egguinox
Since the earliest times, the egg has been humanity’s obvious and essential symbol for the significant atmosphere of the vernal season: birth, fertility, growth, eternity. The purely primal power, which comes from the handling of eggs at the equinox, has been a principle influence on many popular spring ritual practices throughout time and across culture. Read full story from

California first to create position for Native American vets
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – On March 3, Roger Brautigan, director of the California Department of Veteran Affairs (CalVet), swore in Pedro “Pete” Molina, Pascua Yaqui, as the nation’s first assistant secretary for Native American Veterans Affairs. This position was created by the state to oversee the administration of services to Native American veterans in California, which boasts the largest population of American Indian veterans in the country. Read full story from

News & Submissions 3/18/2010

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Avatar Is The Work Of The Devil, Says Idiot Pastor
Pastor and shit-stirer Mark Driscoll claims that Avatar is the devil’s work, aimed at promoting paganism and primitive lifestyles. Sounds like somebody just needs to make “Tsaheylu.” Of course, after watching the “Na’vi” on chatroulette, he’s got a point. Read full story from

Tribes need to prepare for inflationary future
NEW ORLEANS – American Indian tribes achieving unprecedented economic progress in the past decade now must brace themselves for future inflation, delegates attending a recent Native American finance conference were warned. Read full story from

Spring: Leeds folklore expert and weatherman’s view
The name ‘vernal equinox’ sounds vaguely mystical and conjures up images of shrouded figures moving through ancient stone monuments on mist-laden dawns. Equinoxes are one of those things I feel I ought to be more familiar with but, like most people of the TV generation, I’m not. Read full story from

Dallas County jail guard fired over remarks
A sheriff’s department review concluded 59-year-old Stephen Johnson persisted in giving his religious opinions and speaking out against homosexuality. Read full story from

Arizona Town to Rescind Ban on Church Meetings in Homes
A controversial ban on holding church meetings in private homes in a rapidly-growing town in Arizona could be rescinded as early as next week, officials say. Read full story from

EPA to target flea and tick treatments
Washington Complaints of dogs and cats injured and sometimes even killed by flea treatments have increased significantly, the Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday as it outlined plans to make the products safer. Read full story from