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There are several Pagan paths (not all Pagans are Wiccans), modern day Paganism (also known as Neo-Paganism) really has no singular definition. From Asatru to Shamanism to Wicca, there are several to choose from.



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The Asatru Alliance – Ásatrú is thousands of years old. It’s beginnings are lost in prehistory, but as an organized system, it is older by far than Christianity. Strictly speaking, since Ásatrú is the religion which springs from the specific spiritual beliefs of the Northern Europeans, it is as old as this branch of the human race, which came into being 40,000 years ago.

Asatru Folk Assembly – The native beliefs of our forebears were much more sophisticated and complex than generally acknowledged. Far from being a collection of simple tales and savage practices, Asatru contains depth, wisdom, and mystery enough to satisfy the most demanding inquiry.

Ravencast – Asatru Podcast – An Asatru podcast for and about our community. We’ll have great interviews, discuss Lore, our gods and goddesses, and anything else relating to Asatru.

Asatru Update – News, commentary, and core articles about the indigenous European religion called Asatru, or “Faith in the Gods.” Asatru is as relevant to the needs of men and women in the twenty-first century as it was to our most distant ancestors.


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The CR FAQThe CR FAQ was written by a diverse collective of CR elders and long-term practitioners, including some of the founders of the tradition.

Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism – The original purpose of The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum was to foster an interfaith community of Pagans and their friends where all members could learn and grow spiritually and intellectually through discussion and debate — and have a good time doing so.

Experience Project – Read true personal stories, chat & get advice from a group of 4 people who all say ‘I Am Celtic Reconstructionist.

Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans of the Delaware Valley

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The Druid NetworkA sacred well, it aims to offer a rich and clearly wakeful blend of inspiration and information, yet not only from words presented as articles and ideas; for words written can gently lose their poignance and relevance.

Druidry.orgThe Druid Tradition is ancient, and represents one of the wellsprings of inspiration of the Western Spiritual Tradition.

Ancient Order of Druids in AmericaThe Ancient Order of Druids in America is a modern Druid church drawing its inspiration and many of its teachings from the Druid Revival of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. We don’t claim direct descent from the original Druids – the priestly caste of ancient Britain, Ireland, and Gaul, which went extinct around twelve hundred years ago – and to be honest, we’re skeptical of any group that does make that claim.

adf.orgA Druid Fellowship (ADF) is an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry.


Hellenic Religion – On this home page we celebrate Traditional Polytheistic Religiosity honoring the Hellenic Religion, the great religious heritage of Ancient Greece and Classical Civilization! It is the religion that gave birth to the great miracle of the Classical Golden Age, Greek Philosophy, Greek Art and Olympic Games! Today the Hellenic Religion is alive and well and illuminates with its Basic Principles the great worldover Paganist Revival!

Hellenion – a US-based religious organization (“church”) dedicated to the revival and practice of Hellenic polytheism.

Journal of Hellenic Religion – Journal of Hellenic Religion sets out to explore, promote & discuss the multiple facets of the ancient Greek religion and theology. It is both produced and published as a book and a peer-reviewed Journal.

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Mystical Egypt – In the pre-history period of Egypt, and during the Old Kingdom, Egypt was referred to as Kemet, or simply Kmt, which means “The Black Nation” or “The Black City”. The name for Egypt was originated by the Greeks, as Ae-gyp-t-os. Over the millenniums, Egypt has had many names in many different languages. – On the official Kemetic Orthodoxy website, you will find information on ancient and modern practices of ancient Egyptian religion, links to Kemetic Orthodox clergy, temples, shrines and devotees.

International Network of Kemetics – The International Network of Kemetics (INK) is an organization dedicated to the networking and sharing of knowledge among the practitioners of the Kemetic Faith, and to helping facilitate the reconstruction of the Ancient Egyptian religious practices and culture. It is not a single Temple, school, House or group, but a collection of different groups and individuals working together to help revive the Ancient Egyptian religion.

Shrine of Shemsu – Here you may stumble across information that may help any pagan, solitary kemetic or whatever path you follow.


The Cosmic Mysteries of Mythras – Mithraism maintained strict secrecy about its teachings and practices, revealing them only to initiates.

Mithraism – An overview of the ancient Roman religion.

MITHRAISM: The Legacy of the Roman Empire’s Final Pagan State Religion – This is a student essay written in 1993 by David Fingrut in conjunction with a high-school course at Toronto’s SEED Alternative School.

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the Julian Society – The Julian Society is a non-denominational religious order dedicated to the advancement of Pagan religion.

Nova RomaNova Roma is an international organization dedicated to the study and restoration of ancient Roman culture.

The Stele – Graeco-Roman NeoPagan Resources.


World Congress of Ethnic Relitions – Romuva celebrates the Ethnic or Old Religion of the Lithuanians. This religion has very ancient roots and many international links. It was the national and state religion of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania until 1387. It is very closely kindred to Latvian Ethnic Religion known as Dievturi (which means “Bearing God Dievas”). It is also similarly related to the religion of the Old Prussians, and other Baltic peoples.

Lithuanian Ethnic Church Romuva USA/Canada – Romuva USA/Canada celebrates the Ethnic or Old Religion of the Lithuanians. This religion has very ancient roots and many international links.

NeoPaganism in Central Eastern Europe – The direct inspiration for the modern attempts to revive Lithuanian paganism was the tradition of the Baltic holiday of summer solstice, when people put wreaths on their heads or float them on the rivers.

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Shamanism – This FAQ contains a general overview on Shamanism. It should be read by anyone interested in understanding what is meant by Shamanism and what differentiates Shamanism from other forms of ecstatic experience.

The Four Winds society – The Four Winds Society, an international research and training organization, is preserving a thousand year old tradition of knowledge to achieve personal and planetary healing.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies – The Foundation for Shamanic Studies is dedicated to the preservation, study, and teaching of shamanic knowledge for the welfare of the Planet and its inhabitants.

Shamanism: Working with animal Spirits – This site speaks to your soul. Each of you has been a member of all the cultures, all the races and all the religions that have graced Earth.

Shamanism: General-Overview – This FAQ contains a general overview on shamanism. It should be read by anyone interested in understanding the what is meant by shamanism and what differentiates shamanism from other forms of ecstatic experience.


Below are the different categories that fall under Wicca/Witchcraft


1734 – The 1734 Tradition is based on the teachings, writings (published and personal), and the inspiration of Robert Cochrane. 1734 is not an anagram, however, it IS a riddle. It does not give the true name of the Goddess as there are many names of the Goddess…all True. Within the 1734 tradition there are a number of riddles. When all are answered, and not until then, a diligent student will understand this tradition.


Alexandrian Wicca – The Alexandrian Tradition was created in the 1960s by Alex Sanders and his wife Maxine Sanders. – The following collection of film links are a reference for anyone interested looking at the history and practices of Alex Sanders through archival footage.


Blue Star Wicca – Resource page for the Blue Star tradition.

Blue Star Coven – Blue Star Wicca is a centuries old Pagan tradition founded in the mid-1970s


Argante’s well – A website for the Christian witch

Christo-Pagan Information – Providing Information about Christian Wicca

CORELLIAN – The official website of the Corellian Tradition


View a video on this subject – The home for Women’s Spirituality, Dianic Wicca, the Goddess Movement, and full-frontal Feminist Witchcraft.

Temple of Diana – Temple of Diana’s Dianic tradition is a Goddess and woman-centered, earth-based, feminist denomination of the Wiccan religion. Dianic tradition is a vibrantly creative and evolving Womens Mystery tradition, inclusive of all women.

Sisters of the moon – Some information on the Dianic Tradition by Ruth Rhiannon Barrett, Dianic High Priestess and founder of Temple of Diana, the motherhouse of Sisters of the Moon and a legally recognized religious organization.

Dianic – Z budapest’s womens spiritual community.

Daughters of the Goddess – A Dianic temple that holds open rituals.


The Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca – Iis noted for its early Internetteaching covens. – Reverend Christine has been a studying and practicing witch for 21 years. Having started as a solitary, then leading the Sisters of the Trinity Coven as High Priestess for three years, she came full circle by returning to her roots as a solitary practitioner.

Under a Violet Sun – Here you’ll find continuing discussion on the meanings of the Runes based on his 13 years of study, Wiccan/Pagan book reviews, and general commentary on Eclectic Wicca, Witchcraft, religious tolerance, environmentalism, and related topics.


Witchvox: Elijan Wicca – Contains information about the historical origins and practices of the Elijan branch of Wicca.


Witchvox: The Faerie Faith – Article by Cliff Landis.


Gerald Gardner .com – is an online resource for information on Gerald Brosseau Gardner (1884-1964) and his influence on modern Wicca.


The Green Witch – The Green Witch Magazine online has become a regular website. It is Now known as The Green Witch. – Offering courses and workshops in Shamanic and Medicinal Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Holistic Healing, Spiritual Ecology, and Shamanic journeying with plant devas and earth spirits.


Granny’s Grimoire – Resource for witch bottles, midwifery, tarot divination, and love potions.


Witchvox: Are Witches Born or Made? – Article by Cheri Andrews
Hereditary Witches Council – the Hereditary Witches’ Council, an international collective of men and women raised as witches.

The Witches of Forest Grove – A folk magic practitioner with a focus in Scottish witchcraft and space craft.


Wiccan-Kitchen -Learn about witchcarft, wicca, wiccan religion and the occult.

Wicca in the kitchen – A witches blog


The Lycian Sanctuary – Official site for Lycian Wicca. – An Overview of the Lycian tradition.


Witchvox: The Prytani Tradition – Overview

Prytani’s Witchery – This page will serve as a brief introduction to Witchcraft, what it is and what it is not.

RECLAIMING – Reclaiming is a community of women and men working to unify spirit and politics.

Witchvox: Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft – Article by M Macha Nightmare


The Roebuck Tradition – Article by Ann Finnin and Dave Finnin

Witchvox: The Roebuck Tradition – Article by David Finnin


Witchvox: Seax Wica – Article by Daven

Coven of Cythrawl – An overview of the Seax Wica Tradition.


Witchvox: The Solitary Witch in America Today – Overview of the Solitary Witch. – This is an educational site two primary goals: (1) to provide information for those who are exploring Paganism, and particularly Wicca and Witchcraft, and (2) to serve as a catalyst in the spiritual development of those who practice alone.

Crystal Forest – Tips for Solitary Witches.

Solitary Sabbat Activities – Holiday Ideas for Solitary Wiccans.


Raven Grimassi – Raven Grimassi Award-winning author Raven Grimassi is the author of seven books on Wicca and Witchcraft, including Wiccan Mysteries (awarded Best Book of the Year & Best Spirituality Book 1998 by the Coalition of Visionary Retailers). – This site is operated by initiates of Italian witchcraft in conjunction with author Raven Grimassi.


Francesca De Grandis’ Home Page – Learn Wicca / Wiccan Classes / Classes in The Celtic Shamanism of Faerie / Fairy Tradition & Personal Transformation.


Witchvox: The Feri Tradition: Vicia Line – Article by Corvia Blackthorn

Lilith’s Lantern – Lilith’s Lantern is an old Witch-name for the Moon. In these pages we hope to shed light on Vicia and some lesser known aspects of the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft.

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