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News & Submissions 1/2/2011

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Press Release: Shopping for Wiccan Supplies Has Gotten Easier at Wiccan Joy
Palm Coast, FL, January 02, 2011 –(– Shopping for Wiccan supplies has gotten easier with the December, 2010 launch of Christina Naves’ new website Wiccan Joy. She believes it will not take long for her Palm Coast, FL based company to grow into a leading, nationwide on-line shopping location.

Wiccan Joy contains blogs written by Ms. Naves in which she expresses the challenges of finding acceptance for a Wiccan lifestyle, which is often misunderstood. She also advocates understanding and acceptance of others despite their making different lifestyle choices. Furthermore, she claims Wiccan Joy is a visually appealing website that promises to be continually growing and evolving throughout its existence. Read full story from

German Archeologists Uncover Celtic Treasure
German archeologists have unearthed a 2,600-year-old Celtic tomb containing a treasure of jewellery made of gold, amber and bronze.

The subterranean chamber measuring four by five meters was uncovered near the prehistoric Heuneburg hill fort near the town of Herbertingen in south-western Germany. Its contents including the oak floor of the room are unusually well preserved. The find is a “milestone for the reconstruction of the social history of the Celts,” archeologist Dirk Krausse, the director of the dig, said on Tuesday. Read full story from

Heavenly skies provide inspiration for angel charity
Floating serenely in the sky, this beautiful angelic cloud provided the photographer with the inspiration for a new charity.

CJ Holding was travelling through Somerset when she glanced up to see the fiery scarlet-framed head with its glowing yellow body and turquoise wings.The image left a stunning blue trail in its wake.

Miss Holding, 32, said: ‘The angel picture was actually taken during a despairing moment in my life nearly seven years ago.

‘I was travelling through a small village in Somerset on my way to the coast.

‘I looked up through my tears and saw the most amazing sight of my life.’

Miss Holding, from Henley in Oxfordshire, said: ‘I thought to myself, that cloud looks so strange.

‘It lingered in the sky for about 15 to 20 minutes before I took a picture of it, then it vanished.

‘I thought I’d imagined it and it wasn’t until I got home and printed the image that I would let myself believe what I had seen was real.’ Read full story from

11 faith-based predictions for 2011
To open 2011, CNN’s Belief Blog asked 10 religious leaders and experts – plus one secular humanist – to make a faith-based prediction about the year ahead. Read full story from

10 women share stories of challenge and triumph that will inspire you
At some point in a woman’s life, there comes an event or a moment that tests her – who she is, who she wants to be, where she will go next or what she’s made of. She has to decide whether to get up, dust herself off and keep going. She has to choose between keeping quiet or speaking up. She has to work through heartache. She has to do what she knows is right, no matter the consequences. She has to choose to lead. Or she has to take a chance. We have gathered 10 inspiring women who will awe you with their determination, grace and dignity. Read full story from

Witchcraft declared legal profession in Romania
BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania has changed its labor laws to officially recognize witchcraft as a profession, prompting one self-described witch to threaten retaliation. Read full story from

Scunthorpe psychic to be buried alive for a week to raise money for charity
A SCUNTHORPE psychic will be buried six feet underground for charity.

Ian Lawman, who is also an exorcist and TV star, says he wants to stretch his talents and get as close to death without actually dying.

Of the week-long burial he said: “I have had the idea of being buried alive for two years now.

“At first it was just a thought, but now my coffin has been made I am becoming a lot more nervous.”

As the date of the burial approaches, Mr Lawman is training to ensure everything goes to plan.

“I won’t have any food or drink for seven days, but I will be taking 12 food tablets equalling 2,000 calories a day.

“My training involves hours of meditation, lying still for long periods of time. The coffin is larger than your average size, but movement is still limited.”

A live webfeed will be streamed throughout the seven days, enabling Mr Lawman to share his experiences and feelings with his fans. Read full story from

Pagan bride raises charity funds with wedding cookbook
PAGAN bride Sarah Bell has collected recipes from her unusual wedding to create a charity cookbook.

The 25-year-old, who lives in Burslem, decided to produce the Handfasting Recipe Book when all the guests to her Pagan wedding on October 2 started asking each other for their recipes.

Sarah and her husband Chris, aged 31, wanted to get married on a budget so they asked all their friends to bring a dish to their ceremony in Meerbrook.

The food was such a hit she has put all her guests’ recipes into a book, which is being sold to raise cash for SANDS – the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, which supports bereaved parents. Read full story from

Viking wolves return for first solar eclipse of 2011
Two beasts of Norse mythology are set to trouble the skies of northern Europe on Tuesday for the world’s first solar eclipse of 2011.

Ancient Viking legends recount that a giant wolf named Skoll chases the Moon, and its brother Hati pursues the Sun — and if either sinks their teeth into one and holds it back, an eclipse occurs.

For astronomers, though, eclipses are less superstitious affairs, occurring when the Moon swings between the Sun and Earth.
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Tuesday’s event will be a partial eclipse. This occurs when a fraction of the Moon obscures the Sun, and to those in its shadow a “bite” seems to have been taken out of the solar face. Read full story from

News & Submissions 4/15/2010

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Witches to Open New Museum in Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, MA (PRWEB) April 15, 2010 — Witches opening a new museum in Salem, Massachusetts, aka The Witch City, wouldn’t seem to be newsworthy, as there are many quality museums in the city already. What makes The World of Witches Museum different is that its exhibit will be dealing with real world witches and operated by practicing witches. This Museum will be a place of learning for and about the global Witch movement, and will tell their story. With Witchcraft, Witches, and Wiccan cultures on the rise worldwide, the World of Witches Museum tells the story of their struggles, history, and beliefs from a witch’s point of view. The museum, under its curator Rev. Donald Lewis, will tell the story of Witches from the past, present, and those Witches who are walking among us today. Read full story from

Witch Magick
Did you know that if a witch sees or spots a black cat or black dog that this is a good omen for a witch to see.

A long time ago, black cats wore destroyed as they wore thought to be devils, and this is why the Christians would kill them. Read full story from

Tomb Of Ken-Amun, Royal Scribe, Unearthed In Egypt
Dating to the 19th Dynasty B.C (1315-1201 BC), the burial is the first ever Ramesside-period tomb uncovered in Lower Egypt, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said on Wednesday. Read full story from

Breaking: Some Psychics May Be Frauds
Last year, psychic to the stars Azra Shafi-Scagliar was convicted of grand larceny. Then a couple of months ago, Sylvia Mitchell of Zena Psychic was accused of tricking her customers into giving her large sums of money by telling them that they needed to cleanse their spirits. Then “psychic investment adviser” Sean Morton was charged by the SEC with fraud. And now, “intuitive” psychic Laura Day is being sued by her ex-boyfriend, Princeton Review founder Adam Robinson, who claims that she manipulated him into writing her best-selling book for her out of “virtually unusable” notes and then used her powers of intuition against him. Read full story from

Rosemary For Remembrance
A sprig of Rosemary worn in the lapel on Anzac Day is a form of remembrance to those who have served this country in times of conflict. In fact, the commonly used phrase is ‘Rosemary for Remembrance.’ Read full story from

Brunswick commissioners may abandon insistence on prayers
The consideration of changing from an opening invocation to a moment of silence comes after a StarNews report on a late-night board meeting in which commissioners vehemently opposed Commissioner Charles Warren’s request to allow outside clergy to pray before the board meetings. Traditionally the commissioners have given the invocation. Read full story from

Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky
(CNN) — Authorities in several Midwestern states were flooded Wednesday night with reports of a gigantic fireball lighting up the sky, the National Weather Service said. Read full story from