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News & Submissions 8/11/2011

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Arts & Entertainment:

Tattoos Come Alive in Canadian Indie Horror ‘Comforting Skin’ (VIDEO)
There have been a small handful of films made over the years about tattoos taking on a life of their own. I’ve always found these films to be conceptually interesting, since tattoos often carry deep meaning to the bearer, ones that are often tied to a persons sense of identity, but Comforting Skin appears to be the first film to execute on the idea solidly. Read full story from

Holistic Health:

Traditional African Medicine: Herbalism, Spirituality and Treating HIV/AIDS
Throughout Africa, there are more traditional healers than trained medical practitioners, according to the book Healing Traditions: African Medicine, Cultural Exchange, and Competition in South Africa, 1820-1948. The traditional healers promote traditional African medicine, a form of holistic health that combines spiritual beliefs and herbalism to treat patients. Because traditional healers are so well-respected and trusted by their communities, many practitioners and followers of westernized medicine believe the healers can play an important role in treating deadly epidemics such as HIV/AIDS among Africans. Read full story from


1,000 alleged witches arrested, drugged
DAKAR, Senegal — Authorities in Gambia have rounded up about 1,000 people and forced them to drink hallucinogens in a witch-hunting campaign that is terrorizing the tiny West African nation, an international rights group said Wednesday.

Amnesty International called on the government of President Yahya Jammeh, who seized power in a 1994 coup and has claimed he can cure AIDS, to halt the campaign and bring those responsible to justice.

Gambian officials could not immediately be reached for comment and the government has issued no statements in reaction to the report.

Authorities began inviting “witch doctors,” who combat witches, to come from nearby Guinea soon after the death earlier this year of the president’s aunt. Jammeh “reportedly believes that witchcraft was used in her death,” the London-based rights group said. Read full story from


Multicolored Auroras Sparked by Double Sun Blast
An auroral “flame” flickers over Tibbitt Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories early on August 7. Throughout last weekend, auroras shimmered above northern countries as Earth’s atmosphere was hit by its strongest geomagnetic storm in years. See photos at


The Moon Up Close, in HD
For the past two years, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has been orbiting the Moon, gathering data that will help astronauts prepare for long-duration expeditions to the lunar surface, and eventually push further into the “infinite frontier of space.” (Read more about the big picture plan here.)

Fox News: Cancer Patient ‘Cured By God’s Voice’ (Source: YouTube – AtheistMediaBlog)

Making The Shining
In 1980, Stanley Kubrick shot The Shining, the classic horror film based on Stephen King’s novel. During production, the director allowed his daughter Vivian, then 17 years old, to shoot a documentary called Making The Shining, which lets you spend 33 minutes being a fly on the wall. Read full story from


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