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News & Submissions 10/22/2010

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Psychic fair this weekend at Andromeda’s Alley in Mansfield
Mansfield — Those seeking a glimpse in to the future, an introduction to the Wiccan religion, or unique jewelry including crystals, gemstones and rune symbols can find all this and more at Andromeda’s Alley on North Main Street in Mansfield. Read full story from

Pagan Pride Day desgined to educated the public
Las Cruces— Ginette Novello, a retired schoolteacher, is saddened that some people consider pagans to be “godless.”

“In the ancient religions, there is usually a belief in one, monotheistic god that is mysterious, beyond knowing, that cannot be defined by any single belief,” Novello said. “And then there are a diverse number of gods or goddesses that are manifestations of that one god.” Read full story from

NARF to celebrate 40 years
BOULDER, Colo. – Once upon a time in this country, tribes only mixed with attorneys during legal proceedings where something was taken. Today, that has changed, said John Echohawk, one of the founding attorneys of the Native American Rights Fund.

“Indian law is big business. And most tribes have gotten back on their feet and can retain attorneys, thanks to Indian enterprise.” Read full story from

Cherokee Nation excluded from watershed-damage litigation
DENVER – The Cherokee Nation has unsuccessfully attempted to intervene in a dispute between the State of Oklahoma and poultry enterprises charged with contaminating a watershed, much of it within Cherokee boundaries, with practices that produce “hundreds of thousands of tons of poultry waste each year.” Read full story from

Punk rock prof explains ‘Anarchy Evolution’
In his book Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God, Greg Graffin says, “For me, the existence or nonexistence of God is a non-issue.”

He’s a naturalist, the lead singer of a the punk rock band Bad Religion.

The notorious punk riot at the El Portal Theater in Los Angles on December 29, 1990 made his band infamous – CNN covered it – but Graffin wasn’t involved in it. Read full story from

Do You Believe in Vampires, Witch’s and Ghosts?
Note this, Vampires and Witch’s have been around forever, including ghosts. I met a ghost once and she was murdered and she talked to me. I solved the murder case, found her mother walking one day and spoke to her softly and asked the mother of the deceased daughter, if she was the mother, name withheld, and she told me yes, that indeed she was. Read full story from