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News & Submission 11/13/2009

Friday, November 13th, 2009

NASA finds ‘significant’ water on moon
(CNN) — NASA said Friday it had discovered water on the moon, opening “a new chapter” that could allow for the development of a lunar space station. Read full story from

Oz Muslim students bully 11-year-old kid for eating a salami sandwich
Melbourne, Nov 13 (ANI): A Sydney couple has withdrawn their two children from a public primary school because Muslim students bullied their 11-year-old son for eating a salami sandwich during Ramadan. Read full story from

Vanished Persian army said found in desert
The remains of a mighty Persian army said to have drowned in the sands of the western Egyptian desert 2,500 years ago might have been finally located, solving one of archaeology’s biggest outstanding mysteries, according to Italian researchers. Read full story from

More on the Pagan Angle to those “I Believe” Plates
Remember how I said a couple days ago that the entire process that led to South Carolina’s “I Believe” license plates being ruled unconstitutional was haunted by Pagans? It turns out that I’m not the only one who thinks so. South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, who is currently running to become the state’s next governor, released a video two days after the license plate ruling to decry the imagined assaults on “freedom of religion” in his state stemming from the Great Falls Darla Wynne case. Read full story from The Wild Hunt

Regardless of religion, radicalism is wrong
The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. According to the Huffington Post, the organization has recently been holding protests at Jewish temples and Washington D.C. area schools – including Sidwell Friends, the school President Barack Obama’s daughters attend. Read full story from

Elderly Mexican man accused of ‘witch’ killing
Mexico City, Mexico (CNN) — Mexican authorities have arrested a 78-year-old man on charges he killed a woman he believed was a witch who had put a spell on him. Read full story from

Wiccan New Year ritual at Snug Harbor Cultural Center: Missed it? Check it out here
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Thanks to Kimbra Eberly, a member of, for posting this video of the recent Wiccan New Year ritual and educational presentation at Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden. Read full story from

The healing power of herbs
HERBS CAN BE HELPFUL:Did you attend the Collingwood Horticultural Society meeting at which herbalist Heather Bakazias, R. N., of Rob Roy was the speaker? Read full story from

It’s Friday the 13th!
There are a ton of myths, legends and other hullaballoo surrounding this date. For example: Read full story from

Friday the 13th Superstitions
Today is Friday the 13th, which might bring to mind the spooky Friday the 13th superstitions, movies, black cats and a variety of superstitions. Since 13 is my lucky number, I never get worried about Friday the 13th superstitions. What made Friday the 13th a traditional day to fear? Read full story from