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News & Submissions 3/14/2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Healing for Japan – A Sacred Mists “Window of Time” Global Event
In an effort to organize a healing event that involves Sacred Mists members as well as inspire others around the world to participate, we have set aside a window of time that will provide us all the ability to take part in the event wherever we are in the world and at any time that is most convenient for us to do so. During this window of time, we ask that you take as much time as you are able to send healing, …strength, and focus of will to those in Japan affected by this tragedy.Click here for more information.

Many faiths, one goal: Teens ask, listen and learn
Local teenagers, more than 100 of them, gathered at a Charlotte church on Sunday to share the basics – and dispel the stereotypes – about their various religions.

The meeting, organized by Mecklenburg Ministries’ Interfaith Youth Council, began with the high school students forming into circles outside and then … playing games.

Depending on the circle, they hopped around on one leg, performed the moves of a Ninja warrior, clapped and sang, joined hands to form twisty tunnels, and, in classic “Duck, Duck, Goose,” tapped someone on the head, then ran as that someone gave chase. “Ice-breakers,” organizers called these get-acquainted games. Read full story from

Witchcraft accused flee
THE Tzaneen municipality in Limpopo is frantically trying to locate two families who allegedly fled from a temporary shelter after being accused of practising witchcraft.

The municipality had offered the families shelter at a farm near Tzaneen after they were banished from their villages two weeks ago.

Though the buildings on the farm are dilapidated, the municipality had erected tents to accommodate the affected families.

In the first incident the Shipalanas from Julesburg village were banished after the head of the family was suspected of practising witchcraft following the mysterious death of a local person.

The Shipalana family was temporarily housed on Adam’s farm, while their problems with the community were being attended to by municipal officials.

But the Shipalana family allegedly spent one night in the tents. They are now nowhere to be found. Read full story from

Colorful, meaningful craft rich in European tradition
Bonnie Balas of Uniontown remembers pysanky, the traditional decorated eggs common in eastern Europe, as an expression of her Carpatho-Russyn heritage.

For nearly 30 years, she has kept the art form alive by teaching it to others at St. John’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Uniontown.

Balas, a special-education teacher, was inspired to learn to make pysanky by one of her student’s mother, who also took the course.

“I had seen pysanky occasionally as a child,” she said. “I wanted to learn about this part of my Carpatho-Rusyn heritage.”

She then began making pysanky to raise money for St. John’s. The Rev. Eugene Yackonick, who then led the St. John’s parish, encouraged her to teach the art to other people. Read full story from

Signs, signs, everywhere signs: Seeing God in tsunamis and everyday events
It’s only a matter of time—in fact, they’ve already started cropping up—before reality-challenged individuals begin pontificating about what God could have possibly been so hot-and-bothered about to trigger last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. (Surely, if we were to ask  Westboro Baptist Church members, it must have something to do with the gays.) But from a psychological perspective, what type of mind does it take to see unexpected natural events such as the horrifying scenes still unfolding in Japan as “signs” or “omens” related to human behaviors? Read full story from

Richard Wiseman Paranormality Interview (BBC Breakfast)