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Hump Day Herbs – Lady’s Mantle

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Lady’s Mantle

Botanical Name: Alchemilla Vulgaris

Folk Names: Bear’s Foot, Leontopodium, Lion’s Hook, Nine Hooks, Stellaria

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Folklore: The dew gathered from the leaves, (which is said to be a key ingredient in several alchemical formulas) was used as a beauty lotion. Lady’s Mantle’s first association with the worship is that of the Earth Mother, but as Christianity spread, (like many pagan symbols) it was absorbed and eventually became associated with the Virgin Mary.

Deities: Kanaloa, Kane, Lono

Element: Water (Fidelity, Friendship, Healing, Love, Meditation, Prophetic Dreams, Purification, sleep)

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus (Beauty, Fidelity, Friendship, Love, Youth)

Powers: Love

Medicinal Uses: Lady’s mantle is used for treating stomach ailments, diarrhea, excess water retention, muscle contractions and diabetes. It is also used as a gargle to relieve inflammation of the mouth and throat. Other uses include relieving painful menstruation and symptoms of menopause. Lady’s mantle is also used on the skin for treating wounds, ulcers and rashes, as well as to stop superficial bleeding. Some use lady’s mantle in bath water for alleviating lower abdominal problems.

Magical Uses: Lady’s mantle is used in love spells, potions and amulets.

Ritual Uses: Place a single flower in your hair or weave in a crown to find love. (Visualize the flowery connection to the Goddess of love.)

Other Uses – Lady’s mantle is most famous today as a garden plant. It is also used in homeopathy.


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