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News & Submissions 11/17/2009

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

2009 Wild Hunt Winter Pledge Drive, Nov 16-22
Since it started in 2004, the Wild Hunt has become a vital news source for modern Pagans, and a crucial resource for those outside the Pagan movement who want to explore the issues that are important to us. Read full story from The Wild Hunt

Retired policeman speaks in Farmville on occult
FARMVILLE — Juggalos, Wiccans, Satanists and vampires are all subcultures of the occult that are on the periphery of the mainstream. Read full story from

Satan, the great motivator
What makes economies grow? It’s a question that has occupied thinkers for centuries. Most of us would tick off things like education levels, openness to trade, natural resources, and political systems. Read full story from

ACLU: Bibles passed out, prayer encouraged in Cheatham County schools
A lawsuit has been filed against the Cheatham County School Board alleging that school officials have promoted their own religious beliefs and allowed and encouraged public prayers at school events. Read full story from

Indianapolis Public Schools Block the Pagans
The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, you may remember them from the Green Bay Nativity case, is demanding that the Indianapolis Public School system change its current web access policy which bans access to “occult”, “Wiccan”, “Voodoo” and “mysticism”-boosting sites. Read full story from The Wild Hunt

The wonders and worries when traditions converge
We’ll get ready, soon, to decorate the Christmas tree. Or light the menorah. Or celebrate Kwanzaa. Read full story from