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News & Submissions 12/29/2009

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Ancient Miwok harvested salt
United States Geological Service researchers James Moore and Michael Diggles have located a site halfway between Yosemite and Tahoe where 369 circular basins were once used to distill salt which was then traded for food and other items by the Miwok. Carved in glaciated granitic bedrock in a canyon on the west slope of the northern Sierra Nevada, the salt-collecting depressions are a meter-and-a-half across – much bigger than those found in the more plentiful acorn grinding rocks, according to Diggles, and nearly one meter deep. Read full story from

Evidence of animal sacrifice, Satanism found in Feltonville
Police are investigating a case of possible animal cruelty after the remains of 75 animals and a large altar composed of primate skulls were found today inside a house in the city’s Feltonville section. Read full story from

A stimulating year
WASHINGTON – After the national economic troubles of 2008, tribes knew going into 2009 there was likely going to be a federal stimulus. Indian leaders worked hard early on to be sure tribes would be included. And they were. Read full story from

Group aims to defend student religious freedom on campus
The 15-year-old Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Christian nonprofit is using a $9.2 million donation and its own matching funds for its University Project, which will send attorneys to defend students or student groups that feel they’ve been prevented from expressing socially conservative or religious views. Read full story from

Blue moon to greet 2010
ROSMAN — The glittery ball in New York’s Times Square drops every New Year’s Eve. But this year it will be joined a second glowing orb in the sky: The last night of 2009 will boast December’s second full moon, otherwise known as a blue moon. Read full story from