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News & Submissions 4/2/2010

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Through permaculture, becoming one with nature
Amy Antonucci’s farm in Barrington is not your run-of-the-mill set up. Her backyard is a mixture of garden beds with the first sprouts of garlic of the season just starting to rise from the soil, bee hives, tapped maple trees, medicinal herb gardens and piles and piles of woodónext to the tree stumps that they have been cut from. Read full story from

Dead roosters were religious sacrifice in Vineland
VINELAND — Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals officials stated on Wednesday they cannot prosecute a case involving two dead roosters found in a bag over the weekend. Read full story from

Mathematics of ancient carvings reveals lost language
Elaborate symbols and ornate depictions of animals carved in stone by an ancient Scottish people have given up their secret – to mathematics. Statistical analysis reveals that the shapes are a forgotten written language. The method could help interpret many other enigmatic scripts – and even analyse animal communication. Read full story from

History of the Easter Bunny
(CANVAS STAFF REPORTS) – It’s rabbit season! Bunnies – whether chocolate, stuffed or live – abound as one of the best-loved symbols of Easter. But how did this rabbit hop into our hearts? Read full story from

Quick Note: The Importance of Afro-Latinos
Creador Pictures has produced a new seven-part documentary series detailing the history and cultural contributions of African descendants in Latin America. Entitled “Afro-Latinos: The Untaught Story”, the series explores an often overlooked aspect of Latin American history. Read full story from

Season 1 Ep. 45:   Hauntings in America: Hauntings Across America