Hump Day Herb Magic – Patchouli

March 21st, 2012 by sivodd

Patchouli (Botanical Name: Pogostemon Cablin)
Folk Names:
Kablin, Pucha-Pot

Powers: Fertility, Jinx-Breaking, Lust, Money

Patchouli is a species from the genus Pogostemon and an herb of the mint family. It is cultivated extensively in India, Madagascar, Sumatra and the Seychelles for steam distillation of oil and used to manufacture perfumes, incense, soaps, hair tonic, tobacco and cosmetics. The essential oil has a lusty, earthy scent and may be used during the Great Rite, as a candle dressing, or mixed into sexual lubricants.

Deities: Aphrodite, Pan, Osain

Element: Earth (Employment, Fertility, Healing, Money, Prosperity)

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Pluto (Control, Elimination, Money, Power, Sex, )

Magical & Ritual Uses:

  • Make a love bath: Mix Patchouli with rose petals, orange flowers and chips of Queen of Elizabeth root. Blend into a tea and use in a love bath. Air dry to keep the fragrance on you when you go on a date. Throw the bath water out the front door to attract love
  • To sex up love: Blend equal amounts of Patchouli leaves, Damiana leaves, and Myrrh, then mix on charcoal.
  • To attract money: In equal amounts, blend Patchouli leaves with Sandlewood and Quassia, carry in a green flannel conjure bag dressed with money drawing oil. You can also use this in the corners of the your house or place of employment.  For a stonger incense, add equal parts of Bayberry root chips, Cinnamon chips, Bensoin and Cloves. Burn on a bed of charcoal.  It can also be sprinkled onto money, added to a purse or wallet, and placed around candles.
  • Break a Jinx or return a spell: Mix Patchouli roots with graveyard dirt and Agrimony, and carry the mixture in a mojo bag.

Medicinal Uses:
The oil is very strong and can be tempered down by adding 10-20 drops of oil to 2 tablesp. of almond oil and 5 drops of wheatgerm oil to preserve freshness.

  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Lifts moods
  • Relieves stress and gives the feeling of well being
  • Balances endocrine system (which balances hormones)
  • Stimulates pituitary glands (which secrete endorphins)
  • Relaxes the body
  • Relieves pain
  • Cools inflamed, cracked  and rough skin
  • Add several drops to bath water
  • Rub on pulse points, temples or as a massage oil
  • Aromatherapy to clear lethargy and sharpen wits


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Note: Consult with a Physician or certified herbologist if you are seeking medical remedies. The information is not intended as medical advice. is not liable for the misuse of the herb listed above.

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