Hump Day Herbal Magic – Rose

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Rose (Rosaceae)

Powers: Healing, Love Divination, Luck, Protection, Psychic Powers

ROSE buds and petals are a symbol of love, romance and sexual attraction, as well as to draw good fortune in matters of the heart. ROSE hips are symbols of overall luck. ROSE oil appears in many love formulas and in some for luck.

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Deities: Aphrodite, Adonis, Aurora, Cupid, Demeter, Eros, Harpocrates, Hathor, Hulda, Isis, Venus

Element: Water (Dreams, Fidelity, Friendships, Healing, Love, Meditation, Prophetic Dreams, Purification, Sleep)

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus (Beauty, Fidelity, Friendships, Good Fortune, Love, Money, youth)

Magical and Ritual Uses:

  • Roses represent all aspects of the Goddess, and may be used in rituals to honor the Goddess or used when Drawing Down the Moon.
  • For Luck and Protection, rose hips can be used as bringers of good fortune. They can be dried and placed in a green conjure bag with PYRITE and a selection of other money-drawing herbs. They can also be placed in a red flannel bag with FLAX seeds for protection from harm.
  • The rose is also associated with Hand-fastings and rituals of union. They are often worn by the participants and guests, and are strewn to bring divine blessings to the couple’s love.
  • Rose petals bring luck in love affairs and remove any kind of love-jinxing. Scatter fresh or dried ROSE petals on your altar when burning candles and praying, this will increase sexual passion, bring back a lover, enhance marital happiness, or for aid in breaking a jinx in crossed love affairs.
  • To make a Love-Drawing mojo bag, keep a whole QUEEN ELIZABETH ROOT in a red conjure bag with ROSE petals, LAVENDER, RED CLOVER, DAMIANA, and CATNIP, and dress it with Love Me Oil.
  • Select any nine non-toxic love herbs, being sure to include ROSE PETALS, RED CLOVER, and CATNIP. Steep the herbs in hot water for nine minutes, as you pray.
  • A rosewater soaked clothe laid on the temple will help relieve headache pain.
  • Rose petals are said to attract Fairies, and are best when stolen.
  • Drink a tea of rosebuds before sleep to induce prophetic dreams.
  • Spread rose petals around the house to calm stress, or any problems that may have manifested in the home.
  • When consecrating jewelry, set with an emerald or empowering stone for magickal work, the emerald/stone should be dressed with rose oil.
  • Roses are often brought into sabbat rites, usually white for the Autumnal Equinox, yellow for Eostara, red for Midsummer and any color for Beltane!


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Note: Consult with a Physician or certified herbologist if you are seeking medical remedies. The information is not intended as medical advice. is not liable for the misuse of the fruit listed above.

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