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March 30th, 2011 by sivodd


Botanical Name: Allium Sativum

Folk Names: Ajo, Clove Garlic, Poor Man’s Treacle, Stinkweed

Native to Central Asia, garlic is a species in the onion family Alliaceae.

The ancient Greeks placed garlic at cross-roads as a supper for the goddess Hecate, or for protection to ward off demons. Greek midwives would hang garlic cloves in birthing rooms to keep evil spirits away. Athletes would take large amounts of garlic before competition, and soldiers would consume garlic before going into battle. Roman soldiers ate garlic to inspire and give them courage. Egyptian slaves were fed garlic to keep up strength. Tibetan monks were forbidden from entering monasteries if they had eaten garlic. Nicholas Culpeper, (botanist/herbalist/astrologer) linked garlic with the planet Mars. A fiery planet also connected with blood. Dreaming that there is “garlic in the house” is known to mean you will discover hidden secrets.

Deity: Hekate

Element: Fire (Courage, Exorcism, Health, Lust, Protection, Strength)

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars (Courage, Exorcism, Hex-Breaking, Lust, Protection, Sexual Potency, Strength)

Powers: Anti-Theft, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, Protection

Medicinal Uses: Garlic has been used to prevent health problems including colds, flu, menstrual pain, high blood pressure, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, atherosclerosis, and bronchitis. It has been proven to kill various fungal infections, viruses, bacteria, and intestinal parasites. Also labeled as an antioxidant, garlic may help prevent certain cancers such as colon cancer and can improve the effectiveness of the immune system. Most popular, garlic is used for its effectiveness of cardiovascular wellness, as well as treating atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, respiratory infections, and triglyceride levels.

Magical Uses: Garlic is known to be extremely protective. It is excellent in a new home, hang braids of garlic to ward off thieves and evil. For protection while sleeping,  place under a pillow or make into a wreath placed above the bed.  Eating and wearing garlic is said to improve agility, courage, and physical endurance.

Ritual Uses: The bulb, stem, and flowers can be used in spells and as an amulet for protection. Burn the powdered herb to break spells and curses. Place with silver in a sachet of leather to bring money. Scatter around the home to promote lust.

Other Uses: Studies have found that concentrated garlic kills ticks within thirty minutes. Dehydrated garlic is used as a nutritional supplement in pet food to repel fleas and ticks.


Note: Consult with a Physician or certified herbologist if you are seeking medical remedies. The information is not intended as medical advice. is not liable for the misuse of the herb listed above.

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