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November 24th, 2009 by sivodd

Tony Alamo Gets Locked Up Forever
Tony Alamo, 74, is convinced that a demon possessed FBI and the pope are behind the plot to put him in prison, but this defense didn’t exactly impress the judge who sentenced him to nearly two centuries of hard time. Read full story from unreasonablefaith

Pagan spirituality group offers opportunity to explore beliefs, rituals
With a multitude of churches in the Whitewater area, most people don’t have a problem finding a supportive environment for their religious and spiritual beliefs. Read full story from

Going to Extremes A&E’s new paranormal show takes different approach to investigation
Count one-time Norwalk resident Nathan Schoonover, now of Danbury, in that first group. He’s one of the stars of A&E’s new show, “Extreme Paranormal,” which the cable network says investigates haunting legends by provoking spirits. Schoonover’s job as the team’s occult specialist is to assist investigator Shaun Burris and technical expert Jason Gowin as they ferret out paranormal activity found in the nation’s well-known haunts. Read full story from

Saudi Arabia: Witchcraft and Sorcery Cases on the Rise
(Kuwait City) – The cassation court in Mecca should overturn the death sentence imposed on Ali Sabat by a lower court in Medina on November 9 for practicing witchcraft, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch called on the Saudi government to cease its increasing use of charges of “witchcraft” which remains vaguely defined and arbitrarily used. Read full story from

Goodness just feels good; no gods or devils need apply
Q: What do you think of the American Humanist Association’s new “Godless Holiday” campaign? The ads will say: “No God? . . . No Problem! Be good for goodness’ sake. Humanism is the idea that you can be good without a belief in God. Read full story from

Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, radical and heinous
Uganda has taken a large step backward in the past month, with the introduction of an anti-homosexuality bill. This issue not only has stirred up controversy in international rings, but also poses the greatest threat to Uganda’s stability. As outlined in the draft bill, “aggravated homosexuality” would be punishable by death, with different tiers of punishment being allotted to homosexuals and even heterosexuals who fail to report homosexual activity. Read full story from The Manitobin

College pays fired witch $40,000 to settle discrimination charge
A former University of Nebraska employee who claimed she was fired for being a witch has agreed to settle her case for $40,000. Read full story from

Pet owners turn to massage, yoga to help furry friends
Keri Block and her dog Bailey take part in a class at the City Arts Factory in Orlando. She credits massage and other holistic therapies with calming Bailey’s nervous energy. (CASSI ALEXANDRA/SPECIAL TO THE SENTINEL / November 15, 2009) Read full story from

Dalai Lama begins teaching for Russian Buddhists
Dharamsala, November 24: Hundreds of Buddhists from Russia and its neghbouring countries are currently in Dharamsala to attend His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s three-day teachings and Buddhist initiation. Read full story from

Dalai Lama says Obama not soft on China
NEW DELHI — The Dalai Lama defended President Barack Obama from criticism that he has been too soft on China, saying Sunday that the U.S. leader just has a different approach to dealing with the Asian giant. Read full story from Google/AssociatedPress

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